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Hey there guys! I know u haven't been up to date lately regarding this story, but I just wanna let you know that I have good reasons to do so.

While I was on vacay, I went through some troubles on my personal life, such as anxiety, grief, insecurities, etc. 
But now I'm feeling better so there shouldn't be any troubles, my life is getting back on track, and I'm grateful XD

Unfortunately I have some bad news. This story will be completed with this many chapters. I was working on the next part recently, however my phone got a virus which limited my access on many apps, this one included.

A couple of days ago I decided to just reinstall it, and then I noticed that the draft i made was deleted along with the virus :(

So, since it was already long enough, and I've noticed that the story hasn't been getting that many views to begin with, I figured that ending it here would be OK.

Don't worry though. I've decided that I'll also do other special scene episodes in other books, and might use the genderbend characters in other shipping stories XD

I'll try to update my other story instead since it's been getting too much feedback (and the part that I wrote for that one was saved on my PC so yey!)

Thank you so much for your support until now and I hope that you've been enjoying this as much as I've been. 
The episodes that have already been made were really fun to do!

And if you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to comment or private message me and I'll gladly consider them!

ARIGATOU for all of your beautiful comments, and let's hope that Noragami season 3 will come soon :3

~Alice :)

"Deku! Hurry, or you're gonna miss it!"


Izuku grabbed a small bowl in the top counter, and then placed it on the table, waiting for it to be filled.

The house was somewhat quiet except for the sounds of the T.V in the living room, and the soft one of the microwave. Inside said microwave, was a bag full of popcorn that was getting ready to be eaten as a goody treat.

A flash of blonde came rushing towards the kitchen, and it then started to move around many boxes on top of the fridge.

The boxes consisted of Chocolate Chip cookies, gummy bears, and mints; all organized by "flavor" according to him.

Taking them all with him, Katsuki Bakugou gave his babysitter a cheeky grin and ran towards the sofa on the living room.

Izuku shook her head in disapproval with a small smile on her lips. She'd have to control how much candy that kid was eating.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The microwaves beating brought the girl back to reality. She opened the door and took the bag just to rip it apart.

Izuku poured the crunchy content inside the bowl that was already waiting.

"Everything is fine now! Why?"

With a gasp, the green haired girl quickly threw the bag into the trash while holding the bowl with her left arm. Grabbing some napkins, she ran to the living room not even turning the light off.

There, in the sofa, was Katsuki huddled up inside a HUGE bundle of warm fuzzy blankets. Next to him, were the empty boxes of Wonka bars and bubblegum. 
In his hands, was an All Might action figure, from they're favorite T.V. Show.

Pressing a button in the back of it's head, the figure spoke:

"Because I am here!"                                               

"You gotta be kidding me..."

Dropping the bowl in the coffee table, the annoyed teen took a seat next to the little boy with a huff.

"You tricked me! The show hasn't started yet! I was panicking!"

With a devious smirk, the blond replied smugly:

"I knew you could move faster. Just wanted to prove it."

Izuku stood still in her spot, while glaring intensively at the kid. But after a moment of considering, she gave him a smirk of her own.

The blond was confused, but was then cleared after his babysitter approached the untouched box of cookies that was next to him.

"I think you've had enough goods, don't you think?"

"Oh wait! No! Give it!"

"Nop! Now say your sorry."


"Come on!"

"Screw it!"

"Language, young man!"

Katsuki stook his tongue out at her, and then simply faced the front with his arms crossed.

Izuku giggled at the little one's rebellious attitude, thinking once again about how cute he was.
Katsuki noticed this, and turned her way with an intense glare. Anger returned in an instant.

"What are you looking at, Deku?!"

The girl flinched at the harsh tone and horrible nickname passing through his lips.

The only reason why he started calling her 'Deku' was because of the way her name was written.

For an 8-year old, it was pretty uncommon for him to have difficulty reading. The way the name 'Izuku Midoriya' was written, made it very hard for him to understand.

However, another way to read the name 'Izuku' was 'Deku' in Japanese translation. That was WAY easier for the spikey-haired kid, thus, he began calling her that all the time, claiming that he would learn eventually.

That was 2 months ago. The exact same time since she started babysitting him.

Izuku didn't mind, but the meaning behind it was a bit annoying. Conveniently, 'Deku' could be translated as 'Useless', a word that was used to describe her back in middle school.

She was always the outcast of the class. She wasn't antisocial, it was more that nobody liked hanging out with her. 
The green haired girl was always dubbed as 'Weird', 'Useless', 'Fangirl', etc.

Izuku was nice with everyone, but many people did the opposite to her, even now in her high school years.
It was a cruel reality that she wanted to run away from.

"Deku look! It's starting!"

Her companion's voice brought the teen back to her senses just to see that, indeed, their show was starting.

All Might's T.V show.

"Good morning young ones! Are you ready to come into the unknown?"

A muscled man with shiny unrealistic blond hair was in the screen. He wore a red superhero suit with gigantic biceps that would put any other gymnast to shame.

His face was in the shadows like a classic hero from the teen's old comics.

Both of them nodded excitedly even though 
A) No one could see them & 
B) it was just a kids show.

The hero known as All Might gave the audience a big thumbs up as he said:

"O-Kay! Today I'll be showing you around the hero business, so come with me as we-"

"All Might!"

A man in an office suit came running towards him, covered in sweat nearly fainting in the process.

"What's the matter Aizawa?"

"Downtown. The gooey villain has returned!"

"No! Lead the way my friend! We must teach the next generation of heroes how things are done!"

Getting a hold of the man known as Aizawa, All Might jumped into the air, diving to wherever the other would tell him.

"Oh right! The final battle!" 
Izuku's eyes gleaned with mischief.

"You've seen this one too!?"

"Of course, it's the pilot episode! I thought I'd never see this thing again."

"So what's gonna happen?"

"You'll see."

"Aww come on!!!"

"Fine, All Might is gonna use Detroit Smash with that thing, but not until they save the boy that's being held captive."

"That thing kept a hostage? That isn't manly at all!"

"Don't worry. The boy is strong. He'll be ok. As long as they get there on time."

"You mean right now?"

"Oh yes!"

All Might had landed safely on the other side of the city, finally noticing the gooey monster waiting for them.

Inside of the monster, a boy could be seen struggling for his life, since the slimy substance made it difficult to breathe.

"A Hero always saves those in need! No matter the sacrifice!"

Turning towards the screen, the blond hero continued:

"Let's go young ones!"

Running full speed, All Might got a hold of the boy and, using super strength, pulled him out of his prison.

Finishing with his original hit, Detroit Smash.

"Remember everyone! You may not have my abilities, which is why you must NOT do this without an adult's supervision. But you can still be a hero, as long as you care!"

Izuku recited everything All Might was saying perfectly, and then the screen went blank while rolling credits.

Katsuki laughed at his babysitter's voice, since she tried making it deeper to fit All Might's character.
Fits of giggles joined him as well, and then they both started crying with red cheeks for no reason whatsoever.

These moments were what made her struggle with the angry boy worth it.

"Haha haha c-can't breathe! Ow my stomach hahaha~!"

"Hahaha man that was awesome  Deku-Chan!"

The teen continued with her laughter for about another minute, until finally Katsuki's words sinked in.

In that moment, she froze. And as she turned towards the little boy, Izuku  noticed that he was also staring at her wide eyed. 
He must of spoken without thinking.

It was really surprising considering the fact that he actually COMPLEMENTED her.
But that wasn't what got to her. 
What surprised her the most, was him calling her 'Deku-Chan'.

Katsuki NEVER said the honorific 
'-chan' with anyone, expect his mother from time to time. And even then, it was uncommon.

Once again looking at her companion, she noticed that his eyes were glued to the floor, and a faint blush was grazing his face.

The small blond was also a bungle of pride. He didn't like to express himself, and would often just try to get away with anything he wanted. 
Ths situation might have been a blow to the so-called pride.

So with some courage that she didn't know she had, Izuku spoke to him with a small smile:

"Your pretty amazing yourself, Kacchan!"

At this, 'Kacchan' looked up at her with a face that expressed pure confusion. Nothing more, nothing less.

"I've been meaning to call him that for a while now."

The teen stood up from her seat on the couch and the began picking up the empty snack boxes that were laying on the floor.

She placed them inside the, also, empty bowl of popcorn.

Turning to the blond, she said:

"Come on Kacchan. We have to clean up before your mom gets here."

Snapping out of his trance, Katsuki's face changed back to its usual nonchalant one.


The blond ran to the kitchen with some empty boxes of his own, just to place them into the trash can.

"He didn't mind I guess.."

Izuku smiled while watching the boy work, but then dropped it to help him.

If it was Kacchan, maybe being called Deku wasn't that bad.

Since the meaning was completely different to him. 
No malice.
Nothing behind it.

Just a boy, with love of superheroes and anger issues.

A bit like her.


Seriously I got nothing else. 
My mind Is blank, and I think that I just am uploading this out of pity :p

I apologize if it's not what you were expecting, but I've been watching many anime series and have gotten kind of distracted XD

SO MANY IDEAS yet no way to express them...
I feel like a Deku '_´

Any who, gotta work on it right? I'm thinking I'll probably read the manga to get more ideas since I've most likely been spoiled by now. Cause I don't want to ruin the continuity, though it could be an AU..

What do you guys think?

Also I'm about to go on vacation, 2 more weeks and I'm done *High fives in the air*
But that means that I'm gonna be extremely busy with final projects which equals LESS TIME FOR UPDATES ;(

I hope you guys understand and I'll try that my stories get better and better, since many of you have written so many beautiful reviews that keep me going ;)

Thanks a lot for your patience and don't forget to recommend ideas for not just this story, but others.

See ya all later! Kisses!!

~Alice :)


"Ok so what's the difference between a croissant and a bagel?"

"I'm telling you! A croissant is a piece of bread! A bagel is like a donut!"

After the bell had rung, 3 teenagboys began walking to the sushi place down the block. Apparently they had decided for a while now, but it was very difficult due to the new semester.

Hioko along with Makoto & Aiko turned the corner and saw a headlight. Waiting for it to turn green, the young Iki turned towards his companions to continue with their conversation.

"But what kind of donut? Like they're glassed ones, chocolate ones.. strawberry on-"

"The ones with a hole in the middle! What do you mean with what kind? What other kinds are they?" Aiko adjusted his glasses in a frustrated manner.

Makoto replied with a snarl of his own.

"Maybe Mako was talking about the ones that have filling? Not all of them have holes." The pink eyed boy joined in their strange topic.

Why they were talking about that was beyond understanding.

"THANK YOU Hioko! At least SOMEONE understands the struggle!"

"Aw come on Hioko don't help him! Most donuts have a hole in the middle, it should have been obvious!"

Hioko suppressed a chuckle as the lights finally turned green. In the middle of the street, the teen felt a familiar buzz in his left pocket.

Picking out his phone and unlocking the screen, a message popped out from the Delivery Goddess. It said she requested his presence downtown.

Sighing for the first time that day, he replied with a quick 'I'm on my way' and placed it back where it belonged. Turning to Mako who was glaring at the other boy, he said:

"Sorry guys. Something came up and I gotta go."

Both teens paused their bickering to listen to what he was saying. In fact, they even stopped Walking right after getting to the sidewalk. With a half looped smile, Hioko waved a bit and took his leave.

"See ya tomorrow! I'll make it up to you guys!"

Before he could take another step, Makoto's firm grip came in contact with his arm. It was strong, yet somewhat hesitant. 
Looking at his friends in confusion, Hioko noticed that they're faces expressed concern.

"Hioko.... where are you going?"
Mako asked with a soft almost hidden glare.

The young Iki was caught off guard, and began to quickly think of something to not give anything away.

"Umm... I-I forgot that my mom wanted me to buy something so... gotta go quickly before she gets home."

"Then we'll go with you." 
Now said Aiko with concern.

"NO! I-I mean it's not necessary. I kind of like shopping on my own.."

Both boys looked at one another, silently agreeing on something. Afterwards, Makoto slowly let go of the pink eyed boy's arm and then told him:

"Man, are you feeling alright?"

"What do you mean? I feel fine."

"Well.. you've been acting a little... strange lately."
Said Aiko.

"Strange? Strange how?"

Aiko began fidgeting with his sweater, a bit hesitant. Mako didn't let anything stop him though.

"Its just that you've been a little.... what should I call it... distant? Like, when was the last time we went to do something together? Just the 3 of us?"

The black haired boy stared at his companions with confusion written over his face. They DID hang out! Maybe not like they used to, but they still had contact with one another.

Yet still, the looks he was getting from both of them, gave away the fact that they were worried. And Hioko always appreciated that his friends actually cared about him.

So, with his typical soft smile, he went back just a bit and gave each of his buddies a fist-bump. Then, that smile changed to a grin.

"I'm sorry guys. Guess your right, we totally need to do something. Perhaps to the movies or the park?"

Mako turned towards Aiko and, quickly, whispered something in the other's ear. The boy with glasses seemed to agree and suddenly they're expressions lightened up slightly.

"Make it CapypaLand and it's a deal!"

Laughing to himself, Hioko nodded. He knew how much his friends wanted to go to the famous amusement park. To be honest, he kind of wanted to as well.

Without saying much except 'Be careful' & 'See you tomorrow!', the 3 boys parted ways.

As he made his way towards the desired location, the teen couldn't help but think about what his friends had said.

How long has he known Yaru?
How long has it been since his accident?
How much time has passed without him realizing it?

Remembering the date, the boy's pink orbs widened slightly.

"Its already been a month?"

Time goes by before you know it. So maybe he WAS paying a lot of attention to the Far Shore. 
Maybe more than he needed.

Yet still, Hioko decided to keep this to himself, since he was about to arrive anyway. 
Running down many streets and running past many cars.

Until he finally made it to the park.

And there, sitting in a bench, was Yuki.

She seemed to be waiting for someone, so the boy assumed that Yaru was not around. He slowly made his way towards her as to not startle anyone.

She was wearing the exact same thing from other days, except that this time it appeared to be a lot more dirty. Stains of dirt & probably sweat were visible everywhere, and her shoes were now torn in many areas.

Suddenly, her eyes locked with his, and then she smiled.

Hioko smiled in returned and waved slightly. Afterwards, when he was close enough, he sat down next to her.

"Hey there Yuki-chan."

"Hello Hioko-kun. Yaru said she'd go get something, but told me to wait for you. Not sure why though." 

"Ah. Guess she can be weird at times huh?"

"Just 'at times'?"

"Hehe.. yeah.. I guess.."

Awkward silence fell upon them, and that's when Hioko realized that he hadn't spoken to the young regalia ALONE before.

Yes, they talked about trivial things by themselves from time to time, but usually Yaru was around. And this time, no one was around.

"I don't know much about her...."

Not even Yuki knew about herself, but still they should talk a little more often. But about what?
This was the only time in his life where he questioned how to talk to a girl.

"Ok... maybe..."

"N-Nice weather we have today right?"

Yuki whispered and Hioko almost missed it. Turning to the right, he noticed the blond fidgeting with her short locks that kept getting in her eyes, all the while a blush in her face.

"Well at least I'm not the only one who's trying to start conversation."

Realizing he hadn't replied yet, the half phantom rubbed the back of his neck with a grin and said:

"Yeah it's... w-warm and cozy hehe.."

"Yeah....kind of like-"



A woman with blue-black hair fell in front of them with a small 
mouse-looking phantom in her hand.

Hioko had screamed, but remained glued to the seat thanks to immediately recognizing the voice. Even so, he felt his heart racing and his breathing exhilarating.

Yuki wasn't so lucky. The poor young girl had screamed and fallen off her seat, right in her butt.
The little phantom that Yaru had captured kept wiggling around, making the blond even more uncomfortable.

"Yaru! You don't just randomly shove things like THAT in someone's face!"
In the word 'that', Hioko pointed at the green spirit to empathise his point.

"I think I kind of agree..."

Yuki was trying her best to not rub her butt in pain. Actually, it was taking her a lot of effort to STAND in general, since the fear had let her legs feeling like jelly.

Yaru noticed this, and actually smirked with satisfaction about it.

"Good. Fear and hate are perfect while creating a borderline!"

The young boy helped the blond to stay still in her spot, but then amusement took over him and thus he decided to ask.

"A borderline?"

Yaru placed the phantom on the floor while keeping it away from the others. She locked eyes with the teenager and then began explaining.

"Yup. They serve as a regalia's ONLY weapon. A line that divides them from the phantoms. Some kind of a barrier."

Turning towards the now stable blond, she continued:

"Since you did so well yesterday, I figured it was time to teach you."

The teenage regalia seemed hesitant, but then it turned into embarrassment as she turned away with a frown on her features, showing her a rebellious attitude.

"Flattering isn't gonna get you anywhere."

Yaru chuckled at the girl's antics, and then moved out of the way, letting both teens in front of the small phantom.
Gesturing with her own fingers, the Goddess spoke:

"Try to put both your index & middle finger together like this. Then swipe a line between yourself and the phantom."

Yuki's flustered face disappeared as a somewhat determined one took its place. The blond placed her fingers as indicated previously, and she let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding.

Imagining the line already, the teen stood her ground and slipped.


A white light drew a line in the ground right where the girl had pointed at. The barrier took a light blue color as it shielded her & Hioko from the small spirit.
It almost covered the whole bench behind them, and the mouse-like phantom jumped in surprise.

Just like the other teen & the Goddess.

"W-Wow! That's a borderline?"

"Hmmm. It divides the light from the darkness, keeping corrupted spirits away, making them unable to cross."

To prove her point, the small phantom still tried to pass the barrier, but retreated in the end because of the shockwave that was sent its way.

"Can you do that too? How about me?"

"You and I can't. A borderline is a power exclusive for regalias. Only THEY can use it. But..."

At the hesitation, Hioko turned towards Yaru with curiosity and then simply found her with a serious blank expression, looking straight at the borderline.

"Creating one so powerful in the first try? I've never seen anything like it. Not from the regalias I know..."

Yuki seemed pretty pleased with herself, even though she also appeared to be a bit flustered (nothing new there).
Hioko was happy for her, since she appeared to be growing into someone much more confident.

Yet still, when Yaru mentioned other regalias, the young Iki couldn't help but think about a mysterious figure that they had encountered the day before.

"She called him Nora... Who was he?"

Speaking his mind, the pink eyed boy asked:

"That boy you called Nora... is he your regalia too?"

Both God & Regalia turned towards the half phantom with a look that indicated they're confusion. But then, realization hit the blond, and then she frowned.

Yaru on the other hand was annoyed. She got up from her spot in the ground letting out a sigh.

"Oh him? He's...."
The woman stopped mid sentence to think of a good term. Then it dawned to her, and she replied with a cocky grin:

"A friend with benefits!"

That could be interpretated in many ways. And each one appeared to be worse than the last. Or at least in Hioko's perspective. 
Feeling bad for everyone the Goddess has been with, the boy's train of thought once again rested in the small blond.

Yuki was a newbie. Yet still she was also human; or used to be one. Her necessities had to be taken care of, even if she was just being used as a tool.

She needed a warm bed, proper clothing, food, shelter and many more.

Things the Goddess dressed in a Jersey couldn't provide.

The blond wasn't just a human, but a GIRL nonetheless!
Hioko's kind instincts were taking over, and before he knew it, he had taken a hold of the teen's arm and pulled her against him.

Yaru could feel the pain in her neck already.

"That's it! I'm done! Yuki-Chan's coming with me!"

"Wait what?!"

"You heard me! You can't give her  proper treatment! With your ex-regalia, boyfriend & friend with benefits, it's not possible for you to take care of her needs!"

Pulling the blond into a hug like if she were a mere teddy bear, Hioko kept his glare intense and began walking away with her.


Yaru chased them both and began pulling from the regalia's free arm. Both Hioko & she would pull with all their might, while poor Yuki struggled to break away.

After a while, they all got tired and began panting heavily. The Goddess was the first to compose herself, as she directed a glare towards the source of her affections, she said:

"What are you intending to do anyway?"

Hioko took a deep breath of his own, and replied:
"Take her home. I will give her anything she wants."

Yuki's face once again resembled a tomato at the moment, and another sharp pain cursed through Yaru's body.

"NO NO NO! Let me spell it for you: 
N-O! A boy & a girl in the same house is the PERFECT formula for disaster! Don't you see all this pain she's causing me?!"

"Aw come on stop being paranoid! Yuki-Chan is a very nice & polite girl. Not a perv like SOME people."

"Oh so now I'M the perv?!"


The bickering began at that moment. Good thing nobody was around to see them. Well, they wouldn't be able to see them anyway.

The teenage regalia was still on the sidelines, not daring to go any closer to the insane duo.

In a sense, she was kind of happy that Hioko had so much faith in her. Unfortunately, Yaru was also kind of right.

The little blond was slowly, but surely, growing a crush on the pink eyed boy.

He was so nice and kind to her, but she figured that maybe he was like that to everyone. Either way, her heart would skip a beat whenever he touched her or spoke to her about certain things.

Waking her from her thoughts, Hioko stood in front of her with an outstretched hand. It brought back the blush.

"Come with me Yuki-Chan!"

Yaru on the other hand, also outstretched hers with a pleading look in her eyes that also held annoyance.

"Don't do it Yuki! Stay away from him!"



A/N The decision took long so we'll just say that Yuki went willingly with Hioko-senpai ;)



Night time had fallen pretty quickly. The teenagers took longer than necessary thanks to the continuous begging from the Delivery Goddess.

In the end, Hioko had to use one of his special 'moves' to pray her away from them, leaving her beaten down in the process.

Hioko's house wasn't that far away, but since it was pretty chilly, he wanted to take the blond there as quickly as possible.

In the entire walk, neither of them had spoken at all, which had disappointed the male more than he had expected. 
Yuki staying at his house would be the perfect opportunity to get closer to her.

Become a friend.

Not be just a random stalker that offered shelter.

So once they stepped into the Iki property, the pink eyed boy greeted her warmly.

"Welcome to your temporary home!"

Yuki's gaze fell upon the house/mansion right in front of her. Looking around like if she had been mistaken, the blond asked:

"Wait... THAT'S your home?!"

The girl pointed towards the place in emphasize, and the half-phantom chuckled.

"Yup! Why? Too big for your liking?"

They began walking down the path and straight to the door, passing many beautiful flowers and animal statues meant for decorating.

The blond couldn't keep her eyes away from it as she spoke:

"No! I mean...... you must be rich!"

"Hahaha what are you talking about? I'm just a regular high school boy."

Both of them came to the door and then the older opened it with the key. The girl trailed behind him, keeping a safe distance between herself and everything.

The inside was surprisingly simpler than the outside. It appeared to be a 2- floor house.

Where they were was the living room. A beautiful brown colored sofa in the middle of the room with many love seats around it.

A flat screen TV was in the front of the seats, and was placed on top of a wooded table.

Many family pictures were in the walls, decorating and symbolizing many precious moments for them all.

No sounds could be heard, and that was getting a little creepy.

"Um... are your parents in another room?"

After he left his backpack next to the sofa, the young Iki turned towards the blond with a small smirk gracing his lips.

"Luckly for us, they're not home yet."

It took almost 10 seconds for Yuki to process what he said. 
And when she did, her face exploded into 100 shades of red and many images of Hioko with THAT smirk doing 'certain' things appeared in her head.

"Y-You mean! We're here by-.......... ALONE!?!"

"Yuki-chan! Shhhh!"

The smirk disappeared, and was replaced by the teen's usual soft eyes. But these were filled with worry as he quickly covered her mouth, preventing her from talking.

Inhaling a sharp breath of air, the girl's first instinct was to bite his hand and run away. Yet she refrained from doing so, just for the simple fact that Hioko wouldn't hurt her.

Or at least she hoped.

"Hioko-san? Is it you?"

A elderly man walked into the room, holding a bag of uncooked rice in his hands. The place he came from was the kitchen obviously.

Yuki held her breath praying to not get caught, until she remembered that he shouldn't be able to see her. 
Still, she didn't want to take any chances.

Hioko still had his hand clamped on top of her mouth when he laughed nervously and said:

"Y-yes Satzio-San. I'm home."

The older housekeeper stared at the teen in front of him with a frown. Hioko then realized how awkward he must look to Satzio-San. 
Clamping his hand in thin air, and holding onto an invisible body.

Both teens were anxiously waiting for this man's response. In the end, Satsio-San smiled and then said that dinner would be done in a few minutes, all the while walking away from them.

Once he was sure that the man was away from ear range, the young Iki turned to face the girl that was in his arms, and then released her mouth.

Even after that, Yuki stayed silent.

They both stared into each others eyes.

Pink mixing with Orange.

And then came the laughter.

They laughed simultaneously like if there was no tomorrow.

The tension along with suspense had exploded into fits of giggling. 
They're faces were cherry colored as well because of embarrassment and them getting out of breath.

Hioko was the first to calm down, and could then appreciate how the blond looked like while laughing. 
Cute would be too small compared to how she actually looked like.

Yuki regained her composure after a second or so and then turned towards her friend.

Gesturing for her to follow, the teen walked towards the staircase leading to the 2nd floor.

The blond agreed and then began walking as well. Once they made it to the top, Hioko led her to a room that was at the end of the hallway. 
Opening the door and turning the lights on, Yuki stared in wonder.

It was a small room, no denying it.

Painted with a white color.
With a light blue bed.
A small night stand painted in a black color.
Some old books/comics organized in the shelves. 
A T.V placed on top of said shelves, with a wardrobe to the right, filled with much needed clothing.

"Wow! This is your room?"

The blond didn't even let Hioko answer as she dashed towards the bed and began jumping up and down.
A smile was placed on her face as she giggled in glee.

"No, it was my sister's. Before she left to collage she used to sleep here."


"Hmmmm. And now it's yours. We don't use it anymore so it should be a perfect guest room."

"Thanks a lot!"

Yuki stopped her jumping festival and then got out of the bed with ruffled hair that was all over her face. Hioko rolled his eyes and then made his way to the drawer.

There he picked up some towels and then went back to place them in the girl's hands. She looked at him confused, but then he began explaining:

"The bathroom is the door with a panda on it. You should refresh yourself. Clothes are in the closet."

The boy began walking away, letting the girl know that he wasn't gonna take a 'no' for an answer. Already on the door, he gave her one last look and said:

"My room is right next to this one. Make yourself at home."

Yuki smiled at him, and politely nodded.

Once the door was closed, Yuki let herself fall onto the bed, and she snuggled closer to the fluffy towels. Letting out a sigh, she said to herself:

"Hioko-kun really is lucky...."


Meanwhile, downstairs with our beloved teenage boy, he makes his way down the staircase with a solemn expression.

Yet once he reached the bottom, this was quickly replaced with a smirk and a fist bump to the air.

"I did it! She laughed! She's having a good time! And best of all, my parents won't figure it out!"

Hioko kept doing his own little victory traits in his head as he walks towards te living room to watch some TV.

The teenager will wait for Yuki to take a bath, and probably then sleep so they can go the mall the next day.
He wasn't planning on letting her live with him. 
He just wanted to give her one weekend full of fun so she could enjoy the life she still had.

Flopping himself on the couch and reaching for the control, the boy let out a sigh of content.
This would be a nice day.


"Honey~! We're home!"

The young boy, startled, dropped the remote causing the batteries to scatter all across the floor.

He knew that voice.

Running full speed towards the front door (which was conveniently close to the living room) he came to an abrupt stop as he saw that his fears were true.

"M-Mom! D-Dad? Welcome home!"

Iki Akane along with her husband Iki Moyobu wee in the doorway, the latter carrying bags full of groceries.

"They're not supposed to be here so early!"

After getting over his mini heart attack, the teen helped his father with the bags even though the man refused. Ms Iki helped as well with certain lighter things.

"Thank you son. Who knew we'd need so much!"

Mr. Iki had more similarities to his son, such as personality and hair color. The only physical difference was that he had brown eyes.

"No problem dad, it's my job to help whenever I can. Since Maru isn't here, I'll be the one to do so!"

The whole family beamed at that statement, for they knew that the oldest child of the Iki household was a wonderful woman who was now engaged. Remembering her from time to time was nice.

Though, the moment was ruined, when a woman with bright blue eyes showed up behind Mr. Iki, sniffing because of the story.

"Awwww such beautiful awaited reunion~!"

A vein popped, and the teen growled softly at the woman antics. Yaru's snarky little 'pity' for wasn't helping either.

"Honey, are you ok? What's wrong?"

Ms. Iki worried about her son since he just suddenly started getting angry at the wall for some reason. 
Hioko realized his mistake, and thus he simply brushed it off saying that he just felt tired so he would head to his room.

Giving the Goddess one last glance, he made it clear that he wanted to talk, and so did her.

So once the boy made it to his room safely, he jumped through the window to the backyard, and there was the Goddess standing next to an old tree waiting for him.

"What are you doing here?"

"How is she?"

"Don't change the subject, WHAT are you doing here? Can't you just let her stay for once?"

The Goddess glanced at the night sky and then spoke in a more quiet tone, like if she didn't want anyone else to hear:

"Usually, we sleep in shrines because those protect us from corrupted spirits. This house isn't sacred at all. Remember that I can feel her emotions."

"What do you mean by all that?"

"Look, I trust you. Just make sure of keeping and eye on her..."

The Goddess' eyes fell upon the boy's, and at that moment, Hioko noticed her vacant expression. She was still thinking about something. 
And she spoke it out loud afterwards:

"Yuki is....."

The wind blew past them like in a classic horror movie, and it later took the woman away with it.
We say that because she disappeared from her spot, but not until Hioko heard what she said:

"Afraid of the dark."


When the whole talk with Yaru passed, our teenage protagonist jumped back into the room trying to decipher the woman's words.

To do so, he walked downstairs to the kitchen for a 'late night' snack.

We say 'late night' because once he got back to his room, Hioko noticed that it was 10 pm.

He grabbed a bag full of Doritos and took it back upstairs. While going to his room, the boy took a quick peek inside of Yuki's room.

She wasn't there yet, but he noticed many drawers and the closet open. There in the bed, folded neatly, was a pair of his sister's old pajamas along with brown slippers.

The black haired male smiled at the scene and then made his way back to his own bed.

Putting on his pajamas, he covered himself with his blankets and went to La La Land.

Almost half an hour later, the boy couldn't sleep. And it was ok, since later the door to his room opened and the light from outside came in.

Hioko adjusted his eyes to the darkness surrounding him, and stared at the figure of messy blond hair in the doorway.


Indeed, the blond haired girl stood there with one hand in the doorknob and the other holding her hair out of her face.

The pajamas that the boy had seen earlier actually fitted her. That's when he realized that she actually seemed the exact same height as her sister when she was 14.

"I'm sorry that I woke you up."

The blond spoke softly since it was, of course, pretty late. Hioko didn't mind and got up just enough to sit in the bed. With a quiet yawn, he said:

"No, it's ok. What's wrong?"

Yuki began fidgeting with her fingers as she explained:

"W-Well.... you see.. your dad just turned the light off of my room. I....
I'm honestly not comfortable in the dark so.. I was wondering if I could....
s-sleep here?"

During the whole speech, the poor girl had started to turn red. And Hioko couldn't help but think of her as cute.

She expected for him to tell her to leave, yet he merly replied with:

"Sure. There are some blankets over there if you're cold."

Yuki was surprised, but afterwards composed herself and smiled as a sign of gratitude. She made her way towards the drawer the boy had pointed at, and then began grabbing a pair of blankets.

Once she picked the ones she liked, she walked to a clean area and then placed one of the blankets on the floor.

Hioko watched curiously on the sidelines, Yuki could feel his gaze. After another minute of intense observation, his voice asked:

"What are you doing?"

The blond glanced his way, and then, rubbing the back of her neck, she said:

"Preparing to sleep. You don't mind if one of your blankets gets dirty do you?"

The boy's pink orbs widened slightly, and then he removed his blanket, uncovering the lower part of his body.

"Yuki-Chan that isn't necessary. You can sleep in my bed."

"Wait what?!"

The blond shook her head furiously and turned to the boy with a determinant look.

"Thank you but no thank you. I'll be fine on the floor."

"No that isn't proper! Your my guest and a girl as well. It would be rude of me to let you sleep there!"

"But your my host! It would be rude of ME to kick you out of your own bed!"

When Hioko noticed the girl's eyes, he knew that she was serious. Thus, with a sigh, he knew there wasn't another option.

"Well then. What if we both sleep together?"

Yuki's eyes widened and her face erupted in a blush. When he saw this, the boy blushed himself when he understood the hidden meaning behind his earlier statement.

"I-I mean we can share the bed. Come on."

Patting the spot next to him, the young Iki tried to control his blush and afterwards smiled reassuringly at her. He didn't want to seem like a pervert in front of her.

Yuki's blush was still present, but she still forced herself to move forward. 

Before they knew it, they were both huddled up close to one another. Hioko had fallen asleep, clearly stated because of his light snoring.

The girl was still wide awake, and she could feel her companion's breath in her neck. The close contact with the handsome young boy made her heartbeat increase.

The smell of his shampoo got to her nostrils.

His whole body was lightly pressed against her back.

His hands were curled against his chest in a cute sleepy matter.

She began wondering what they would feel like close to her body.

Touching her skin.

Caresing her face.

Near certain areas that were somewhat private.

Unconsciously, Yuki placed her hand on top of her clothed breasts, and squeezed for a bit.

A soft moan escaped her lips until she turned towards the boy. She slowly got a hold of one of his hands and was also slowly guiding it towards her chest.


A hand covered the blond's mouth, and, with many protests and struggles from her, someone had dragged her out of the room.

The girl's head was a mess while her heart kept beating like if it were a drum. Thus, she kept kicking and trying to bite the hand off but with no avail.

As a last resort, she licked the person's hand and, while they were distracted, hit them with a back kick.

The person didn't even flinch, yet they did release her afterwards.

Finally looking at her kidnapper in the light, Yuki felt her stomach began to twist.

"W-What are you doing here?"

Yaru, her master and Delivery Goddess, was practically glaring at the younger girl with a scowl clear in her features. With a lecturing tone in her voice, she began:

"Don't act all innocent you little brat! What were you about to do?!"

The last minutes in Hioko's room came flashing into the blond's mind as she blushed.

"It's not like that! Hioko-kun invited me into his bed!"

The dark aura around the older woman slowly disappeared and was replaced with annoyance instead. With a soft glare, she said:

"You're too young to start thinking about boys. Focus on THIS beauty in the meantime Yuki-chan~!"

Yuki began twiddling with her thumbs in embarrassment. But then a thought also occurred in the back of her head.

Yaru treating her like kid was getting really annoying.

She knew what to do and what not to do. 
She wasn't dumb. 
She could handle it.

Yeah she was about to do something she now regrets, but still regardless,  always keping her distance was something she's done for a while.

So just because she did one mistake it meant she was useless?

"Then why do you need me anyway? Why not go with that other regalia boy 'Nora' instead?"

The Goddess gave her a somewhat worried look mixed with confusion. Only now noticing her parted lips, Yuki realized that she must have said it out loud.

Not even thinking twice, the blond ran off without turning back, leaving Yaru in the dark with her inner thoughts.


The next day was a Saturday.

Hioko's parents left early to work, so The teens had the chance to eat some homemade breakfast.
Yuki would never get tired of his amazing cooking skills.

Afterwards, the young boy invited her to go to the mall, considering he had to buy some new clothes for himself.

He didn't mention anything about last night, so Yuki figured that he didn't know about it. So she kept it that way for both of their sakes.

She also hadn't seen Yaru all day, which she was grateful for. Anger was still lingering in her heart so she didn't want Hioko to see her lash out.

They were currently in the convenience store buying some extra food for dinner later.
While he was in the snack area she went looking into the magazine section, just to kill some time.

Many romantic sappy novels were placed in alphabetical order in front of her. Also history on sports, girly pre-teen magazines, etc.
Nothing seemed to catch her eye.

She wasn't girly.

But she wasn't a tomboy either.

Walking past the many bookshelves, the options became even worse the more she looked. 
With a sigh, Yuki was about to head with her friend defeated. Until she came across the manga section.

It was surprisingly small, considering they were Japanese and all.

Only 2 or 3 stocks of the black and white styled comics.

What had caught the girl's eye, was the cover of a manga that seemed interesting enough.


She picked it up and began reading the summary. Intrigued by the story's plot, she started flipping through the thing, finding herself digging deeper and deeper.

The character designs were impressive and they're personalities were pretty mashed up.

It took place in a high school outside of town with a transfer student named Hiyori. She started developing a crush on 2 of her new classmates: Yato & Yukine.

Yato was childish yet handsome.

While Yukine had an anger issue but that made him a cute cotton ball.

Yuki was about to begin the 3rd chapter when she felt some warm air in the back of her neck.

"So this is where you were."

With a gasp, the blond turned towards the person terrified, yet she calmed down once she saw a smiling Hioko.

"Sorry Yuki-Chan. I was just finishing and got kind of worried since you were taking too long."
During his awkward explanation, the boy rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"It's ok. I was just bored so, we can go now."

The blond left the manga booklet where she found it, but not before giving one last hopeful glance. It was involuntary so she didn't even notice. But her companion did.

"Do you want it?"

Hioko began searching in his back pocket muttering things like 'lets see how much I got left..'.
The young regalia merely replied with mutters of her own, like 'don't worry.'

Even though she DID want it, Yuki didn't want to take advantage of her friend's kindness. So, thinking of a quick solution, she then said:

"It's ok Hioko-kun thank you!"
Placing her hands against his, she stopped his movements so he could look at her.

"If I want to read it, since no one can see me, I'll just borrow it."

Emphasizing her words, the blond took the booklet she was reading before, and headed past the store's door. Just as predicted, no one noticed her.

Turning towards her friend with a smile, she said:

"See? Let's go, I'm starving!"

But Hioko didn't move. 
In fact, he wasn't even looking at her. 
Getting a little worried, she called his name again.
This time, his response was almost immediate.
Running towards her almost at full speed and getting a grip of her arm.

A HARD grip.

"Yuki-Chan, that isn't any different than stealing! Here, give it back!"

The black haired boy took the manga and then walked calmly inside the store to return it.

Yuki's head began filling with many different thoughts. But the primal one, was deception. 
Even Hioko thought of her as useless?
Well maybe he didn't say it like that. But it still hurt.
The thought of a friend making her feel like a thief.
Accusing her of being a thief.

Before she knew it, the girl had started to walk away, to wherever she liked. 


The teenage girl spent most of the day wandering through town, looking at many people passing her by.

She had also seen a couple of boys her age that seemed to be heading to a soccer game. They were cheerful and confident.

After a while of walking like a homeless person, she decided on taking a short cut into the public library. Yet still, she couldn't find what she wanted, and just took a random kids storybook.

Afterwards, she just took a slow walk in the park, since it appeared to be nearly empty. Taking a seat on the bench, she started considering her options.

She could always go back with Yaru, but the chances on finding the Goddess at this time were very thin. Plus, she could still be keeping guard on her.

Then there was Hioko. Of course that would be an easy resort, but still...

"I wonder if Hioko-kun is still mad at me..."

Knowing him, he would probably forgive her out of pity, do it wouldn't be that bad. Yet still, she worried about him telling Yaru about the earlier situation.

The Goddess could actually do something against her. She was her master after all.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Surpised, Yuki turned towards the clock tower on the other side of the street. It read 9 pm.

The girl stared wide eyed at this, but then looked around. It was already dark outside and people were leaving quickly.

Getting up from her seat, she took the last minute resort and ran towards the direction of Hioko's house. 
The darkness became thicker, and suddenly it was almost around her.
If it weren't for the people that were near her, she would have thought she was lost by now.

Sweat began forming in her forehead, and for some reason she ran faster. 
Her heart was pumping, and the blond could feel the breath leaving her.

"Somewhere with light! Please!"


A voice from a young boy broke her train of though, and made Yuki stop on her tracks. 
She only stopped because it felt so close to her.

Indeed, next to an old shop that was closed, sat a little boy with black hair huddled between his legs, keeping his knees close to his chest.

"I need help....someone help..."

Yuki stayed still staring at the poor form of the boy. He was shivering and appeared to be hungry since he had his hands clutching his stomach. 
It would break her heart if she wasn't careful.

Yet before she could go her own way, the boy must have feel someone's gaze on him, for he turned towards her in a matter of seconds. 
His dark green eyes were filled with shock as he stared at her.

"You... can see me?"

Yuki inwardly thought to her dismay.

She was about to ignore him and continue walking, until she felt a pressure holding her left leg in place. 
The little boy only clutched tighter as she wanted to wiggle free.
Tears began forming in his eyes, and at that moment the blond's heart sank.

"Wait! I don't get it! Why is everyone ignoring me?! These weird eyeball things talk to me, but I'm scared! 
Al I want is to see my mom!"

Yuki couldn't understand the kid's distress, until she noticed something else lingering in the old shop.

A small commemorative sign, in honor of someone who died. What caught the girl's eye was the drawing in the front. It looked a lot like the kid, but still with a different hairstyle. It read:

"A boy of the age of 10 died in a car accident while waiting for his mother to pick him up from his boarding school."

Putting 2 and 2 together, the teen glanced down at the boy between her legs with a heavy pain in her heart. He looked up at her again, and said even more desperately:

"Please Miss! Can you stay here with me? Just while my mom gets here!"

The dark atmosphere around them reminded Yuki of the reason why she wanted to go home as quickly as possible.

Yet the little kid was begging to her, making her heart sink, and finding new confidence inside her.
Be the brave one of the duo.

So, as she leaned down to be in his eye level, the young regalia gave him a gentle smile and replied:

"Sure. Let's wait over there ok?"

Yuki was pointing towards the park across from them, so the little boy agreed. Hand in hand, they walked over there.

Sitting down in a bench with lighting, they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Over another 10 mins. Yuki grew impatient. The boy must have noticed, since he placed a hand on her knee and said:

"I'm sorry about her. She's usually on time. I bet your family must be worried about you by now right?"

Laughing lightly, the blond replied:
"It's ok. And I honestly don't have any- AH!"

The girl had stopped dead in her tracks when the light of the pole flickered out. It was still ok, but she was now visibly shivering.
Her resolve was crumbling little by little.

"Miss don't worry! When my mom gets here, we'll give you a ride home! She'll be here soon! You'll see!"

Fear mixed with anxiety caused her to speak her thoughts out loud:

"I..I.. don't think she's coming..."

Silence filled the air, and suddenly Yuki realized her mistake. Turning towards her companion, indeed she found him staring wide eyed at her, almost not believing what she said.

Staring down at his feet for a bit, he began to sob and then decided to walk away from the bench towards the dark area of the lamppost.

Yuki immediately stood up as well yelling for the boy to come back. He had already past to the dark side that wasn't being illuminated.

"Wait! Come back!"


The blond could have sworn she heard her name being called, yet once she saw some floating eyeballs near the little kid, she ignored it to run towards him.

"Stay away from the-!"

"pOor LiTTLe boy.."

Stoping dead in her tracks, the teen shivered slightly at the source of the voice. Phantoms were slowly approaching the still crying boy, trying to convince him.

"You Don't DeSeRve thAT, but Your MOmmy iS here. DoN't worry .."

The little boy asked helplesly.

"COme hERe and we'll ShOw yoU..!"

Phantoms got closer and closet until you could practically see the boy being consumed by them. The blond was frozen in place, yet she tried her best to think of some way to help him.

Her mind was blank.

Nothing would come to her.

What could she do?

"Yuki-Chan! Use that thing Yaru taught you!"

In that instant, the young regalia finally acknowledged her friend's presence and them began thinking. The gears in her brain started moving as she remembered what the boy was referring to.

Getting in position, the girl mumbled to herself:

"Keep your middle & index finger together and then...."

Yuki was about to swipe, until she realized that she was gonna have to get closer. Leaving her fear of the dark behind, she ran towards the boy with all her might, and pulled him against her while yelling:



The little boy started to shiver in Yuki's arms, as she securely held onto him while panting heavily because of the run.

She stared down at the kid with a hesitant expression, but then spoke softly:

"I'm sorry about what I said earlier."

The boy merely opted by shivering faster and tugging at the girl's torn 
She then stared ahead at the phantoms that were trapped behind the white barrier, and spoke in an insecure tone:

"Don't worry. They can't cross over here!"

"SMellS NicE..."

The young girl trembled a bit after hearing the voice behind her, making everything seem a lot more darker and creepier.
Everything surrounding her appeared to be getting smaller as well. Phantoms began getting closer and closer as the blond took a couple of steps back with the little boy.

"sMeLLs NICE.."
"sMeLLs NICE.."
"sMeLLs NICE.."
"sMeLLs NICE.."
"sMeLLs NICE.."

"Smells nice..."

The new source came from the teen's chest, and, with fear clear in her eyes, she turned towards the kid with her.
The only thing that made her heart nearly stop, was the phantom-like eye that replaced his normal one.

"Miss..... yOu smell NicE.."


Falling backwards into the floor, the young blond tried her best to crawl backwards, away from the little phantom in front of her.

To make matters worse, the lighting pole flickered again, but this time it stayed off. Dakness was actually surrounding her, and the phantoms were the only thing she could see.

The only sounds that she heard were her somewhat calm breathing, and the rapid beat of her heart.

"Where is Hioko-kun?! Wasn't he with me?!"

Indeed, her teenage friend was nowhere to be seen. All she could see was the phantoms, and all she could hear was her own voice in her head pleading:


That was enough. For Yuki to break.



"What's happening?"

The reason behind the question was obvious. Everything had just been a blur to her...

She didn't know when Yaru appeared.

She didn't know why Hioko was so concerned about her.

She didn't even know how DoD that phantom appear.

All that she could utter, was a single plea to her master:

"Help that boy... he's still in there.... 

Silence filled the air, until the Goddess replied with a firm 'Alright'.

"Come! Sekki!"

Turning into her blade form, Yuki thought she could help, but ten realized that was not Yaru's intention at all.
The Goddess was going for the kill.

"Wait! STOP!!"

Fortunetly, her scream had caused the Goddess' attack to not be so effective, thus making them fall to the ground in pain
The regalia spoke her thoughts out loud:

"What are you doing?! You're supposed to SAVE him!"

"That won't do! He's been corrupted!"


"The only way is to slay him! We can't do anything about it!"

The gigantic phantom had Yaru pinned to the ground, and then was pushed against the concrete wall with a big smash.

Getting up with bruises all over her body, Yaru spoke:

"Yuki. When your corrupted by a phantom, your a spirit that has to go through a hell of pain and misery."

"I know..."

"If we want to help him, we must do this!"

"I know!"

The blond began shaking in fear, desperation, frustration...


"But I want to help him... because.."

Yaru began slicing though the beast's body, with no remorse whatsoever. 
The blond began crying as well, trying her best to do what Yaru wanted her to do.
But the back of her head kept the negative feelings at bay.

"I'm worthless.."

Monster defeated. Kid long forgotten.
And a Goddess of Calamity holding the back of her neck in pain.

Her blade resting in the dark areas of the street.

"No wonder I don't have any friends..."


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"I'm home!"

The teenage girl greets as she enters her household, waiting for her mother to reply. In the meantime she starts checking if she has any messages on Whatsapp.

Apparently Ochako wanted to go later to the mall.

"Aw man I forgot to tell her. Oh well, I bet she'll understand."

"Ah Izuku. Welcome back."

In the bedroom's doorway, stood a short woman with long dark green hair and wearing white shorts with a pink shirt along her apron. Maybe she was cooking earlier, or was planning to.

"How was school?"

"It was good. Todoroki-kun and I presented our project and we got a B. Its better than last time's failure."

Izuku's mother giggled at what her daughter was saying, and then silently led her towards the kitchen. Inside, bowls of rice, chicken, fish and salad were placed in the table.

"I still think it wasn't that bad. What did you do again? I think it was a solar panel?"

The teenage girl began scattering individual bowls for both of them and then quickly washed them. After drying, she picked food for both her mother and herself, all the while answering.

"Yup. At first it was a water one, but then we thought it would take longer. Either way it failed the day of the presentation."
Izuku poked her fish eyeing it suspiciously.

"Hahaha it DID work! You just had a bad cloudy day."

"All because we didn't look at the forecast!"

Izuku returned her untouched fish to the tray, and started eating rice instead. Just a bit of salad as well.

"Slow down, what's the hurry?"

With a hanful of food still in her mouth, the girl chewed slowly and then swallowed carefully.

"Don't you remember? I'm going to Ms. Bakugou's house today."

That's when her mother's expression flattered for a bit, but quickly composed herself before her daughter could notice.

"Oh really? Are you sure you can do it? You're pretty busy from time to time. "

Moving the remaining rice with her chopsticks, Izuku kept her gaze downward for a moment, until she finally looked up with a small smile.

"Yeah I think I can handle it. I want to start earning stuff on my own, plus I'll do anything I can to help her. She's a family friend. Maybe it will help her relax for a while."

Izuku's mom was kind of surprised. She never knew her daughter wanted to work. But the mare thought that she was thinking for someone else's sake made her heart flutter.

"Well... if you say so. If someone can babysit that little rascal it's you."
Ms. Midoriya said, for both Izuku & herself.

Now with an empty bowl, the middle schooler placed it back into the sink delicately and then went back to the table to hug her mother from behind.

"Thanks for trusting me! I'll be back before night time so don't worry."

Ms. Midoriya hugged back, gently patting Izuku's head and then whispering things like 'i've always trusted you' & 'good luck'.

After they pulled away, the teen gave her thanks for the food and then, left to her room to take a quick shower. She promised she'd be in 'The Bakugou household' at 2 o'clock.

Turning towards her nightstand clock, she noticed she still had half an hour to go.

"Still I need to get ready..."

So, one quick shower later (A\N Timeskip bought to you by lazy-senpai :p) and the girl came out feeling fresh.

Checking her phone for the time, she noticed she had 20 minutes. She also had another message from Ochako.

"Oh dear.."

O: Hey Izukuuuu~! Don't you dare ignore me. Wanna go to the mall or not?

I: oh sorry Ochako :'(  I can't, I have plans remember? I could have sworn I told you.

O: Really? °_°

O: Oh wait you mean the babysitting thing?! You really gonna go with that?!! *Gasp*

I: First of all, yes. Second, I wouldn't call it babysitting since he's not a baby anymore. Probably 8 or 9 years old. And third, it isn't that bad!!! )'_'(

O: Awww it's a boy?! Kawaii~! Ok ok I'm just kidding! Have fun, but be careful alright? Kids can be a pain.

I: Thank you but you sure you'll be ok by yourself?

O: Sure! I'll ask Asui instead! Love you! Kisses! ;)

I: Thanks Ochako, your the best! Love you too~!

Once the messages were sent, the girl approached her mirror to admire one last time the outfit she was wearing. Hoping it would be ok.

Her long black-green hair was loose, only held back by a black ribbon that was placed in the back of her head.

Her freckled face was clean and smooth thanks to her mom's face soap special for people with acne. With dark green eyes that shined brightly with determination.

Her tank top was an All Might t-shirt that she had owned for a while now, and would use for casual purposes only. Not many people knew of her obsession with the TV Show's superhero.

Also a white sweater that went with her equally white shorts. And last, but not least, a pair of green sneakers with All Might logo's in them.

Humming in approval, Izuku took her phone and checked the battery. 
That should do.

So she put it in her pocket while walking downstairs. Grabbing her keys from the table, she gave her mother a farewell and left.

Considering Ms. Bakugou was a neighbor, her house was close by. So once Izuku stepped out into the lawn, she just had to pass another 2 houses to get there.

The Bakugou household is very pretty. Izuku always knew that. A small caramel brown colored one with a garage right next to it. 
Only 2 people lived there so it was perfect.

A mother and her child.

Walking past the garden, the teen  knocked the door and patiently waited.

Not even a minute passed when a woman opened the door. She seemed tall, with red curly hair & eyes. She was in a suit, so it was evident that she was heading for work.

With a small tired smile, she spoke:

"Izuku-Chan. Welcome. Thank you so much for coming."

"Its no problem! I feel happy because you considered me to help you."

"Well of course! After all, you met Katsuki when he was just a baby. Perhaps he doesn't remember though."
Ms. Bakugou gestured for the black haired to enter.

The house was a lot cozyer on the inside.

The living room was pretty big with a couch, T.V, and many pictures hanging from the walls. Most of them being of Ms. Bakugou & her husband.

Izuku didn't know exactly what happened between the couple, but apparently he had left right after Katsuki was born.
He had simply picked the name, and then left.

Or that's what her mom told her.

"Please make yourself at home. I'm going to get him so you can meet."

Snapping back to reality, the green eyed girl gave her thanks and sat down in the couch. Ms. Bakugou left to another room across from the one they were at.

Looking around at the pictures in the walls, Izuku smiled.

One if them, appeared to be a younger looking Ms. Bakugou with a man that was holding her hand in front of a park.

Another was the weeding day. 
With a white flowered lovely dress, Mr. Bakugou had an equally white rose decorating his tuxedo.

In another, was a family picture. 
Mr. Bakugou was somewhat smirking, while Ms. Bakugou was smiling showing her teeth. In her arms was the huddle of a baby. The baby that Izuku remembered.
She was around 6 or 7 when he was born.

The next ones changed. They only revolved around the mother & her child.

A birthday party.

Walking down the park.

Going to Disneyland.

And Izuku didn't recognize the child.

"I just saw him once. And as a BABY nonetheless!"

That's when nervousness began building up inside her. 
What if her mother was right?
What if she couldn't handle this boy?
What if he didn't like her?
She wasn't exactly popular at school anyway.





"Izuku look out!"

The girl in question glanced up and was met by a mess of spiky hair. It all turned into a yellow flash and she was pushed back against the couch. Letting out a 'Yelp!' of surprise, Izuku shielded her face out of pure instinct.

"Katsuki! Apologize!"

"I'm not staying with her! Take me with you!"

"Listen honey we talked about this. Its just for a few hours."

"A few hours my ass!"


Now that he was up close, Izuku could make out the appearance of the little boy.

Small looking with dirty blond hair like his father's & red eyes like his mother's. Wearing an orange sleeveless shirt with a pair of light brown shorts.
Also some red sneakers that looked just like hers, even with the All Might logos.

The boy's gaze went towards her, and she could only feel hatred reflected in them. For a kid, he seemed to have some raw emotions.

"Katsuki, if you don't behave I'm going to hide your M&M's supply. I'm serious young man."

Katsuki's eyes changed instantly into fear, and before she knew it, the boy was on his knees in front of her begging for her to forgive him.

It was odd. A tsundere actually.

Reluctantnly, the blond sat down in the sofa and began playing with some stuffed animals to himself.

"I'm terribly sorry about this. He's actually a good boy, just give him some time to warm up to you."

Izuku nodded and gave a reassuring smile. Once they discussed some of the points to take care of him, Ms. Bakugou put on her coat and started heading towards the door.

"Honey! I'm leaving now!"

In a flash, the blond ran up to his mother and gave her a hug. At first Izuku thought he was being forced, but then noticed the genuine sadness that filled those bright eyes.

"When are you coming back again?"

Patting her son's head, the older woman placed a soft kiss in his forehead and then said:

"By 6:00 pm. And if Izuku says you were a good boy, then perhaps I can take you to that nice place you wanted to go to... hmmmm what was the name again? Chubby Cheddars? Or...?"

"Chuky Chedars?!"

"ONLY if you behave."

Turning back to the middle schooler, the woman gave her a smile and then passed through the door.

Katsuki still followed his mother with his gaze all the way until she got to her car. Once she drove away, he stayed there near the window. Like if he were on guard duty.

Izuku couldn't help but think of him as cute.

Yes, he appeared to be troublesome. But he was also just a kid worried about his mother.

"Its not that bad after all. Guess I was right all along.."

A giggle escaped her lips and that's when the boy looked her way with am annoyed glare.

"What are YOU laughing at?"

"Or maybe not..."

Thus, Midoriya Izuku's journey to become a babysitter has just begun.


Hope y'all enjoyed the firs part. This one is basically the intro to everything else, so the next scenarios can be a little out of order.

Takes place in the same timeline though XD

Leave a comment to tell me what you'd like to see next and let's hope we can update pretty soon ;)

~Alice :)



My Babysitter Is A Deku (When They Meet)
Izuku Midoriya get hired to babysit her neighbor's son: Katsuki Bakugou
He's a child with a bad attitude.
She's a teen with a kind personality.
(Fem!Izuku X Child!Katsuki) AU Scenarios 

“Yaru-sama. It's time for your daily check of the city.”

Beautiful light blue reflected from the moon came rushing above the glorious shrine.

The young teen that spoke was wearing a traditional white kimono with golden laces forming flower-like patterns around her. The sandals appeared to be very comfortable thanks to the soft looking straps. And her blond hair was held in a bun with messy bangs framing her face.

"Ah yes. Thank you for the reminder Yuki-Chan. Lets go shall we?"

Yaru stood up from a desk filled with paperwork regarding many requests from her followers. Ever since she found her new location, a lot of people have been sending letters none stop.
Fame was good though. She would make everyone happy individually.

Both God & regalia made their way towards the limo in the back door. Many servants kept asking things like 'how are you today?' but the blue eyed woman brushed them off.

Now that they were on their destination, Yuki opened the door for her Goddess to enter. Yaru didn't hesitate to do so.

Afterwards, 10 male servants entered as well and sat next to her. In the end, the blond regalia came in but sat right in the front row, next to the driver to give the directions.

"Downtown please."

The woman behind the steering wheel merely nodded and started the engine. Once the vehicle began to move, the lights from the crowded city overpassed the ones from the stars.

Words were exchanged between all males on board, and even Yuki began a friendly conversation with some of them.

All except Yaru.
Now with a more bright atmosphere, we can take a look at her clothing.

A bright purple colored kimono with gold-painted butterflies & darker shades for the laces.

Pearl white sandals that went perfectly with her equally white teeth.

A traditional pink fluffy fan (with Flamenco feathers) that was placed in a belt around her waist.

And last, but not least, was her hair. It reached all the way down her waist and it had a natural curly wave to it.
In the top of her head though, rested a solid gold crown with sapphires to match the blue of her eyes.

The young Goddess had her chin rested on the back of her hand while looking outside the limo's window.

All the city areas were filled with light and joy. Many advertisement announcements could be seen in the big screen with her as the main attraction.

She would do commercials mostly for her 'wish-granting' business,  but sometimes she'd make spare time for others.

Many stores had her as the mascot, patronizing restaurants, toys, wines, cellphones, etc.

Other 'kid safe' areas would have her as a plushie guardian to prevent them from doing any harm to themselves or the merchandise.

And even in the darkest of areas, they're would be many posters filled with positive comments towards her campaign management. Apparently people wanted to elect her as president. Again.

"Simply amazing isn't it?"

Yaru got out of her trance to stare at the one who had called her. And for the first time in that day, she smiled.

There, next to her, was none other than her lover, Iki Hioko.

He was the only male in the whole group that had normal clothes. He was a teenager after all. A human none less. But after hearing the news that he was with 'The Goddess of Fortune' everyone knew not to mess with him.

"How was school?"

"Meh. The usual. I had a pop quiz again though. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for this one."

The blue eyed woman scoffed at that statement.

"Your just being modest. You know as well as I do that it was a piece of cake."

"That's not true! Equations were a real pain-"

"'Pain' my ass! Your the SMARTEST person I've ever met & don't you DARE say otherwise you got that?"

"Yaru-sama! Language!" 
The blond regalia spoke from her spot on front with a glare adorning her usual stoic expression.

The adressed Goddess mumbled under her breath while Hioko scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"You always say the most stupid things."

"Well it's the truth, what do ya want me to say?"

"Ha ha ha! Nothing Nothing! You're pretty smart yourself. After all you have a good way with people & somehow accomplished your goal.."

Hioko praised her while holding onto her shoulder. Yaru's annoyed expression disappeared and was replaced with a small, almost nostalgic, smile.

While looking outside the window of the still on going limo, she couldn't help but remember everything she had to do to get there.

Wish granting.

Phantom slaying.

Attending conferences.

Getting a suitable regalia.

Overcoming her insecurities.

Freeing herself from the past.

And even confess her feelings towards a certain pink eyed boy.

Either way, it appeared that life had no meaning anymore. She reached her goal, yes. But now there wasn't much to do exept make sure that everything was in its rightful place.

It almost seemed like...

"My life is empty...."

The young teenager next to her frowned at this statement. Making sure everyone was minding their own business, he held onto Yaru's chin forcing her to look at him straight in the eyes.

The Goddess' eyes would never tire him. Electric blue that had once held joy, were now very dark and almost faded. She tried her best to avoid his gaze, but Hioko wouldn't let that happen.

On the other hand, Yaru noticed that the boy's beautiful eye color had not changed from when she had met him. 
Bright pink that held nothing but determination. And now they held something new, yet equally powerful.


They both leaned in, knowing what would come next, for they have done it before. 
Lips an inch away from one another.


Suddenly the spell was broken, and that track-suited woman was pushed down the stairs of the old shrine they were at.

Letting out a 'Yelp!' of pain, she looked at the top once again, only to be greeted by the sight of her regalia with a frown on her face.

"That will teach not to wake up people in the middle of the night! Now please stay quiet!"

With that being said, Yuki took her spot at the stairs & covered herself with the 'Capypa Land' sweater from before, ignoring the Goddess for good this time.

Yaru merely got up, and streched for a bit, taking in the morning fresh air. 
For some odd reason, she didn't mind that everything turned out to be another fantasy.

She was used to it.

So with no hesitation, she made herself comfortable right at the bottom of the stairs (too lazy to walk all the way up again).

Before she could close her eyes though, Yaru's pocket vibrated & she took out her phone. It was a text message.

"Who the Hell would be up a this time?"

Opening the message app, the Delivery Goddess stared at the screen, cursing her irony.
Maybe karma DID exist.

To: Yaru
From: Hioko-kun :3

Hey Yaru! Sorry if I woke you up but I wanted to find out where you girls are? I think I have some extra meat to make you some breakfast. My wish comes afterwards you got it? ;)

Giggling a bit at the boy's straightfowardness, Yaru replied with a good morning sign, and the address.
After it was sent, she got up instead, suddenly not feeling tired anymore.

While heading towards the city, she thought:

"Guess I'll have to walk for a bit.."


"Thank you so much Hioko-kun~!"

It is now finally morning, and Hioko kept his promise by going to give the girls some homemade breakfast.

The blue eyed woman kept devouring every single bit of it, while the boy simply stared in amusement.

"Hopefully with this you will FINALLY take care of my wish?"

"There's some delicious octopus too.."



A mop of messy blond hair came out of the shadows rubbing it's eyes. Letting another yawn out, she sat down next to the others.

"Good morning Yuki-Chan."

"Morning Yuki!"


The small regalia finally noticed everything in front of her. 
An Orange juice box.
A lunch box.
And a pair of clean chopsticks.

"What is this..?" 
She spoke in a slurry voice.

"Breakfast of course! Ain't Hioko the sweetest?"

Hioko mumbled something about 'It was nothing' while Yuki yawned once again.

"You tired?"

The blond nodded and afterwards began placing some food into her mouth. Once she finished chewing & swallowing, she spoke again with an annoyed tone:

"Yaru kept me awake all night with her stupid rambles..."

Surprised by the bond's coldness, the boy realized that she probably wasn't aware of what she was saying due to lack of rest. 
Yaru on the other hand let out a dreamy sigh with a rice ball still I'm her let hand.

"That was one marvelous dream..."

"You know, I'd flee the country before I wear a kimono again. So don't even think about it."

"You're just shy Yuki-Chan! And also jealous knowing that only I can master the perfect kimono look!"

The Goddess strikes a pose earning groans from the teenagers. 
After finishing the lunch box and carefully placing her chopsticks inside, Yuki said:

"If you think that's attractive than you haven't lived in this century. Did you know that she sweats? Like A LOT?"

That last question was aimed at Hioko, and he only laughed nervously while Yaru had a mini heart attack.

Gaining her posture, the black haired woman's expression changed to a more serious one as she adressed her companions.

"I know I'm not great... it's gonna rake a while. But I will accomplish it. And do you know why?"

Feeling gulty for their laughter earlier, both teens nodded, waiting for whatever came next. 
Yaru made her way to a nearby tree and came with a bag behind her.

A glint of mischief appeared.

"Because I have this!"
With a dramatic pose, the bag opened to reveal..

"A POT?!" 
The teens spoke simultaneously as they're faces were full of shock.

Apparently Yaru had walked away in the middle of the night and came across a lot of sellers.
Most people gave her lucky charms like the pot, a necklace, a bracelet, etc.
Some were for good luck, others for a good love life, and some were even for good luck in your grades.

The more the Goddess spoke, the more evident it seemed that they had scammed her. In the end, they couldn't take it anymore.


Yuki somehow slipped pass her master and took a hold of the precious pot, throwing it into the air.

Hioko on the other hand, made a double flip in the air and broke it with another martial arts move, leaving nothing but bits.

Yaru gasped dramatically and ran towards the remainings of her once treasure. Kneeling down, she picked a couple of pieces trying to put them together. 
Hioko came in front of her and, while pointing at her, scolded:

"Go do something productive!"

Sniffing, the black haired replied:
"Its not my fault...I want to work but I'm not getting any jobs.."

As the teenage boy knelt down, he began to feel pity for the poor Goddess. So once they were face to face, he spoke the truth:

"Listen Yaru. You said you can feel Yuki-Chan's emotions didn't you?"

When the woman nodded in confirmation, he turned towards the blond who was once again fast asleep. Yaru observed as well, and thus, started to understand what the teen was trying to tell her.

"I'm not psychic, but even I can tell that she's counting on you. She's your regalia after all. So please, keep it together. For both of your sakes."

"Damm boy I hate when he's right."

The woman understood that he was speaking the truth. So she let go of the broken pot pieces abd then stood up. The serious look from before came back, and the Delivery Goddess spoke in a soft tone:

"Hioko. Wake Yuki up will you?"

"Sure, but for what?"

Yaru turned his way, and gave a look that sent shivers down he spine, but not in a good way.

"There's someone I want you to meet."


"Are we there yet?"

Yuki's slurry voice asked after 5 more minutes. She wasn't so fond of the idea of waking up so 'early' just to go to an unknown place.
Even so, both Hioko and her, were following Yaru in a quiet atmosphere.

The Goddess didn't speak at all in the trip, and that made the teenage boy feel a little uneasy.

They finally found themselves in a familiar looking place (since it seemed like they had been walking in circles the whole time).

It was a small looking cafe. Appeared to be deserted, yet the smell of backed potatoes said otherwise. Various signs with combo specials were placed everywhere, and the seats were empty except from the occasional cleaning products.

Yaru made her way towards the counter while both teens stayed behind admiring the place.

"Where are we?"
Asked Hioko.


The blue eyed woman yelled the name many times, searching for the desired person with the name 'Kochiku'.
After a while of looking, noises could be heard from what might of been the kitchen.

Suddenly in the blink of an eye, a young girl tackled the Goddess in a hug.


The woman in question started laughing along with the mysterious person, saying things like 'Its been a long time' & 'I've missed you'.

This took a while until Yuki interrupted with a forceful yawn. Now that the attention was placed upon them, the blue eyed woman understood her mistake and spoke in a sweet cheery tone.

"I'm sorry guys! Just got a little excited! Hehehe~!"

Once the pinkette stopped giggling as well, they both snuggled closer with the pinkish girl wrapping an arm around the Goddess.
Yaru spoke in a soft tone, introducing the character properly:

"This is Kochiku. My boy-friend."
Confirming what she had said, the pink dressed boy spoke as well

"I'm Kochiku. Yaru-Chan's boyfriend. Its a pleasure~!"

Silence overtook the teens once again, as you could practically see the questioning marks floating above them. Hioko had a look mixed with shock and a bit of annoyance, while Yuki seemed confused & disgusted.

They had something in common though.


Indeed, at first glance he could very well pass as a girl; with his child-like attitude & pinkish clothes that is. But now that they looked in a new perspective, they WERE a couple of things to distinguish him.

He had short curly pink hair that framed his round kind of chubby face. It would seem puffy and it barely touched his shoulders.

His eyes were a light purple color that seemed too bright for anyone's liking. The clothing consisted of a light pink vest on top of a plain white shirt. 
No breasts.

The bottom was a short pair of dark purple pants with kittens drawed in them. And a pair of light pink sneakers with blue laces. 
His body was average height, and not so bulky, but not skinny either.

So it was indeed a young looking boy. Looking around Hioko's age, or even a bit older.

That's when whatever Yaru said earlier finally sinked in for the young Iki.


Oh if looks could kill....

"Ne Ne Kochiku~"

Yaru was now poking the pinkette's side with her index finger. He laughed at his.

"Yes Yaru-chan?"

"As you can see, I have recently acquired a new regalia."
She pointed towards Yuki to emphasize her point.

"And I'd like to give her the proper treatment she deserves... but no jobs had come in...
And I can barely provide with a decent shelter!"

At this point the woman had started crying and hugging the boy's waist. Hioko & Yuki knew better, but apparently Kochiku wasn't so lucky.

"Oh Yaru-Chan! Please don't cry! I'll help you, don't worry!"

Searching in his pockets, the boy grabbed his wallet and began searching. Not even a minute later, he had a 100 yen bill in his hand, urging Yaru to take it. 
The Goddess' eyes sparkled and she began snuggling with him saying 'thank you' & 'your a saviour'.

At this point, Yuki had noticed that her companion was too quiet and, after looking at his face, decided to stay out of his angry looking sight.


A gush of wind passed by faster than lighting, and pushed the Goddess away from the pinkette, letting her land face-fit on the ground.

The observant teens stared with wide eyes at the source of it.

An older looking woman, probably in her 30's. With the body of a wrestler it would have been hard to tell the difference, if it weren't for her noticeable breasts and somewhat curvy waist.

She was wearing a gardener comfortable outfit. But also an apron which gave the impression that she must have been cooking something.

With her hair held in a ponytail, she used her howling voice once again:


Hioko quickly covered the blond girl's ears trying to prevent her from listening to such language. 
But Yuki had still heard either way.

Yaru was lying limp on the ground, but looked up at her attacker and spoke softly:

"We n-need help Daisuku...."

The woman called 'Daisuki' glared down at her and then gave her 2 companions a side glance. It turned into a raging fight in a minute though.


Once things cooled down, the large woman invited our 3 protagonists into the house behind the restaurant. 
Things were a little akward since Kochiku & Daisuku were sitting face-to-face with Hioko & Yuki. Meanwhile Yaru attended her injuries in the backyard.

"I apologize for the earlier situation. I am ver protective of My Lord since he can get into troublesome situations from time to time."

Kochiku replied with a pout:
"Daisuku you are a BIG meanie!"

The older woman chuckled at her friend's behavior, and then turned towards the teens again.

"My name is Daisuku. This is my God & master as you already know: Kochiku Ebisu."

Kochiku waved at both Hioko & Yuki eagerly, while the other 2 stared agape.

"Master Ebisu!? One of the Seven Gods of Fortune?!" Thought the blond.

"He looks WAY different than how they picture him..." Hioko thought.

In Japanese culture, The Seven Gods of Fortune were an important group that everyone respected. The ones that made a big difference in the world and did they're best to,make people happy.

They would change from time to time, but Lord Ebisu was one of the few that have been around for centuries. Many traditional paintings made him seem like an older looking wise man, not a young-teenage looking boy.

"T-That is umm..... very impressive indeed... E-Ebisu-sama" 
The pink eyed boy spoke.

With another wave of his hand, the young God spoke with a nonchalant tone:

"Kochiku is fine."

After a while of silence, Daisuku turned her attention from the teapot in her hands to Yuki.
The blond felt her gaze, and because of that she started to shift awkwardly in the seat.


Knowing she was the one being called, Yuki turned upwards at the gigantic regalia. The sight was intimidating. With a small gulp, she waited.

"Haven't seen you before. What's your name?"

"Y-Yuki ma'am..."

"Yuki huh?"

The older regalia began to serve some tea for Kochiku & herself. Both teens on the other side of the table thought they were a nice couple. After a moment of sipping, Daisuku spoke again:

"I can't believe Yaru found such an interesting regalia. You're so young after all..."
The ending was more of a whisper to herself, but the blond still heard it.

Was it wrong to be so young?

Yes, she did notice that she was quite younger than any other regalia she had encountered before, but still just shrugged it off.

Now that Daisuku brought it up, it seemed to be more of a mystery. And she didn't know how to feel about that.

Hioko, on the other hand, was somewhat worried. Yaru had hinted several times that Yuki's past wasn't exactly a nice one. And thanks to his new discovery that suicidal people couldn't become regalias, it was most likely murder. Knowing that she suffered that at 'this' age was very tragic indeed.

In his own thoughts, he sent even notice the pinkette God approach him from behind.


Quickly regaining his composure, the human boy looked at the God and spoke in a polite manner:


"What's YOUR name? You seem human to me."

"I'm Iki Hioko. And yes, I am human."

After the introduction, Kochiku got closer to the black haired boy and smirked slightly. A very interesting expression when it was being used by him.

"And what is your relationship with Yaru-Chan huh~?"

Who ever said it wasn't possible to cosplay a fruit? Hioko was doing a great job. Either a tomato or a strawberry.

The mere thought of them ever being something more than friends was just overwhelming!..... .... ...............
When did she even go up the latter to become friend?
Shouldn't she be an acquaintance?

He then realized he hadn't said anything at all, and the God was still waiting patiently with that smirk still present.

Coughing awkwardly, Hioko tried to give a coherent answer, only to end up stuttering in the process:

"I-It's not like that at all. We are j-just frie- I mean acquaintances!"

"Great. I must look like a high school girl with a crush.."

Hioko's face was still kind of pink when the God giggled in his face. Getting on his feet, the pinkette jumped from his seat, tackling the boy in the process.

"Don't be shy to admit it!"


Watching from the sidelines, Yuki considered helping her poor friend. Yet she couldn't suppress the giggles that wanted to escape from time to time. Daisuku laughed out loud for a bit and then spoke to the girl:

"I'm sorry for his behavior. It's been so long since he's encountered other people that he's just SO exited. We don't go out that much."

Giggling at this statement, the blond looked up at Daisuku with new-found confidence. She was grateful that this had somewhat 'broken the ice' between them.

"It's ok. He's most likely embarrassed, but I think Hioko-kun is having fun too."

Daisuku smiled a bit. The conversation continued normally after that.

"So, you new as a regalia?"

"Yes, it's my first time. Am I that obvious?"

"Not that much. But still you should consider getting a job of your own ya know?" She smirked.

"Hehehe yeah I did notice.... Maybe here?"

It WAS a restaurant after all. And she might need the money in the future to at least sustain herself. Daisuku had other plans though. With a shadowy aura, she stretched her muscles for a bit intentionally, and spoke with daggers practically in her eyes.

"I'm the only one he needs.."

"My Godness.." 
Shivering back in her seat, the young blond stood frozen in spot. Fortunatly, a distraction came right after.

"Hey Yuki~!"

Both regalias looked back at the source of the voice and there stood Kochiku. Well.. more like leaning against Hioko's body while he was laying on the ground. 

"You really should be careful. Yaru-Chan can be very scary at times."

Both Yuki, and even Hioko looked p at that statement, noticing that the pinkette's eyes held deep seriousness.

"Scary?" Hioko dared to ask.

Kochiku nodded and then got up, allowing the teenage boy to breath. Afterwards he got closer to Daisuku and took a cup of tea as well.

"The first time I heard about her, the rumors said that she was a scary Goddess.... Killing both humans & regalias.."

Hioko didn't want to believe this, even though it gave him the chills. Yuki on the other hand, visibly shivered for a bit.

Noticing these reactions right away, Daisuku said:

"Kochiku. Stop scaring the kids."

"Yaru.. scary?"

This was quite difficult to grasp for both teens. Picturing Yaru like that was almost impossible.

Speak of the devil, the Delivery Goddess appeared out of thin air. 
The prior injuries long forgotten. With a large grin on her face.

Taking a hold of her regalia's hand, Yaru began speed walking towards the exit.

"Good news Yuki-chan~! We have a job! Lets go!"

As they ran faster (mostly Yaru; Yuki was dragged) towards the exit, Hioko realized once again that his wish hadn't been granted. The teen apologized for the sudden rush, and then left trailing down both girls down.

"Awww Hioko-Chan left...."
Kochiku had a pout on his face.

Daisuku ruffled the pink mop of hair from her God, and let out a sigh.

"Yaru, why did you bring those two here?"

They haven't seen her in a long time. And even though they seemed pretty close, it was weird to see her all of a sudden without any reason.

She might tell them later then.


"Hello mom..

I'm sorry to do this in a message but... there was no stoping it. Things have been going on lately and.... I doubt I'm ever going home.

Tell dad that thank you for all his support... And sorry for not being able to go to college... he he.. guess I wasn't fit for it anyway. 
Well, I love you so.... this will be kind of hard.. See ya later..."


Yusuke Urasawa placed his phone back in his pocket. The wind was blowing slightly making the colored sunset look a bit more majestic.

He took a crumbled piece of paper from his back pocket and gently placed it under his already disposed shoes. Now with a closer look, you can tell that it is an envelope.

On the front, is written 'Will'.

Once again, he makes his way towards the edge of the building. He was on the rooftop.

"Hello~! I am The Delivery-!"



Yusuke Urasawa was falling.
Along with 2 women & 1 boy.

Yelled Hioko.

Yelled Yaru.

The Goddess immediately turned towards her client, and cheerfully extended her arm with a presentation card.

"As I was saying, I'm the Yaru Goddess! I have received your call and now am here to help with whatever problem you have~!"

"Ok Yaru! Why don't you SAVE him  first!?"

"Ah yes. I'm Yusuke Urasawa. A pleasure to meet you. Here's my card."


The young man named Yusuke handed Yaru his presentation card as well. They were still falling.

"'Financement' huh? Not bad. Your family must be really proud."

Scratching the back of his head sheepishly, the man spoke:
"Not exactly. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer. I feel bad that I wasn't able to do so. Now that I realize it, I apologize because I think I called you by mistake. Before my mother's call."

"Well it's alright! Because now I can help you right NOW! What is the problem?"

Yusuke kept his gaze downwards for a bit. Preparing to explain, he looked up at the Goddess & said with a dark expression (still falling)

"My life has no meaning anymore. Not without her."

Yaru replied with an equally dark aura:

"'Her'? Who is her?"

He wanted to avoid the topic, but thinking about her one more time seemed pleasant either way.

"Well... it began months ago..."

"You're gonna talk now?!" 
Yelled Hioko.

"Don't you guys think we've been falling for too long?"
Yuki pointed out.


I met her during summer break.

Yusuke was walking downtown with a somewhat happy expression. He had just gotten out of a job interview and had been accepted!

Even though I should have been exited, truth be told I was pretty down. My parents wanted something different for me after all.

As he walked past many convenience stores, the man noticed a small person sitting on the ground. What drew him in, was the lonely aura that came from it.

Up close, he realized it was a girl. Blond hair.
Golden eyes glazed in tears.
And wearing some purple shorts and pink turtleneck.

Yuki: Wait a minute! *Blush* WHY AM I IN YOUR FLASHBACK?!

Yusuke: I apologize! Its just that you look so much like her *Nosebleed*

Hioko: Hentai! *Glare*

After a bit of persuasion, the blond said her name. Yusuke learned she came from a wealthy family. Her parents didn't let her go out very often, which led to her depression.

All she wanted was to go outside and have fun. It was her dream. My heart couldn't handle such injustice.

"I'll take you somewhere!" He had said.

The girl looked up with some insecurity clear in her face. She advertised her eyes, but Yusuke mustered up courage and spoke truthfully.

"Such beautiful bird doesn't deserve to be in a cage forever. She needs to be freed.... by a knight in shinning armour."

A blush was placed in the blond's cheeks, but then replaced by a large grin and some giggles.

"Thank you Yusuke-kun!"

I took her to a nice sushi restaurant. We talked for hours about random things, and I found myself falling for her.

Afterwards, we went to buy her some new clothes, since the ones she owned were 'too fancy' according to her.

The happy couple could be seen in many places from that point forward. Restaurants, shops, parks, and even CapypaLand.

Our relationship grew. However, little by little, I noticed that my luck was getting low. Every single date went worse than the last.

CapypaLand turned to ashes. Literally.

The restaurant was blown apart from a bomb.

Earthquakes appeared out of nowhere.

After a date with his girlfriend, Yusuke had made his way home. Once he got there, grabbing his wallet with a solemn expression, a sigh escaped his lips. 
All of his credit cards have been maxed, reaching the highest point. All he could do now, was weep about it.
There was a message from his boss waiting for him at home.


"I got fired. Afterwards, my credit cards have been maxed. I went bankrupt. I couldn't.... i-I couldn't drag her into this.."

Everyone was silent for a moment. Yaru held a dark aura still, and then spoke again:

"Bad luck huh? This all sound familiar... you wouldn't happen to have a picture of her do you?"

"U-um yes of course. Here."

Picking up his phone, the young man searched in his gallery until it fell upon a girl's face. When he showed it to the others, they all stared agape.

It was a picture in CapypaLand. Yusuke was happily smiling next to a Capypa & on the other side, was a young pink haired boy.

"KOCHIKU-SAN?!" Yelled the teens.

"Just as I thought. Just forget about him." Said Yaru.


"Yes. 'Him'. He's a boy, and trust me, you'll be better off without him. He's the God of Poverty after all"

"POVERTY?!" Yelled the teens again, now realizing they were getting close to the ground.

"Indeed. Plus."
Yaru took her own phone and searched for a particular picture. It was one of Kochiku with Daisuku.

"He's already got quite a jealous one."

In the picture, Daisuku was glaring right at the camera, with Kochiku smiling lightly. 
That could intimidate anyone.

"If you don't cut you're ties with him, you will die. His bad luck has infected you. Its the only way."

"W-what? No way!"

Yaru seemed surprised. The others as well. Yusuke had a determinate look o his face, while mumbling things under his breath.

"I don't care if he's a boy! I love him with all my heart! Heck, I don't care of I die as long as I can see him smi-"


The Delivery Goddess landed a blow straight at the guy's face, earning a bit of blood in her knuckles.
Taking a hold of his collar jacket, she said:

"Someone who's willing to commit suicide isn't cut for love! You think he'll take back an idiot like you?!"

That appeared to snap the man out of it, and with Yaru's weird logic, he somehow agreed. It would hurt a lot, but it was the wisest choice if he ever wanted to move on.

Both still falling teens didn't know what to do in this situation, so they remained silent. Hioko because he was analyzing the situation at hand (they were falling), and Yuki because she felt bad for the young man.

"Yuki. You'll have to do it."

Snapping out of her pity-like state, the blond was confused, but then pieced it together and sent a shocked glare at her master.

"Wait a sec! I've never cut someone's ties before! What if-!"

"You'll do fine!"

Still with an insecure expression upon her, she gave Yaru a questioning look. The Goddess seemed confident enough, even though she was a newbie.

"Believe in yourself."

Once reconsidering, the teenage girl gave an approving nod, still a bit worried.
But that was enough for Yaru.


Her blade form took place and made itself present in the Gooddess' hand. Turning back at Yusuke, her expression softened for a bit and then said:

"Anything you want me to tell him for you?"

Without hesitation, the young man smiled sadly and said:

"Kochiku-Chan. I hope you live a happy life. That is all."

With that being said, the blue eyed woman swung the blade straight towards him, making him shudder for a moment.

It all made itself in slow motion. The last couple of centimeters apart from the ground disappeared & they all landed softly.
Even though it appeared to be the same, Yusuke Urasawa's phone indicated that he had lost one contact number.



Once Yusuke had awaken from the crazy events, our 3 protagonists helped him get safely to the train station, claiming that he had fainted.

Apparently cutting ties worked, for he seemed to be perfectly normal when they left him.

Unfortunatly, they also had to go back and explain the situation to a certain regalia & lecture her childish master.

"YOU made me do it ya know? You never let me go out so I decided to have some fun with Yusuke-kun unstead!"

"It's because you cause disaster wherever you go!"

Daisuku's sadness was quickly replaced by anger. The lecturing kept going on as the pink haired male stayed silent, pouting. 
Even so, Yaru was calmly sipping her tea while both Hioko & Yuki remained silent.

After Daisuku calmed down for a bit, she turned towards the guests they had, but most importantly, to Yuki.

"Ya know, for a newbie you did a great job. Cutting someone's ties is harder than making them. There's something special about you."

The blond's cheeks turned pink all of a sudden, but instead of cowering away like usually, she rubbed the back of her head with a sheepish smile, the blush still present.

"I-It was nothing really. I dunno h-how I did it So... thank you I guess?"

Daisuku chuckled at the girl's attempt at being calm. Then she turned towards the blue eyed Goddess.

"You got yourself a good one, Yaru."

The Goddess gave the older regalia a nod and then placed her arm around the blond while grinning.

"That's why I fell for her at first sight! Ain't that right Yuki-chan~?"

At that moment Yuki's embarrassment returned like a fire, and she tried pushing her master away while the other kept giving a death hug.

As they talked, time went by pretty fast, and before they knew it it was night time. Yaru & Yuki took the lead at leaving while Hioko said his goodbyes.

Before he left the porch, the pink eyed boy turned towards the pinkette God and, with a hesitant smile, asked:

"Kochiku-san? What you said earlier about Yaru being scary, you were kidding right?"

The pinkette who was sipping his own cup of coffee, replied smugly:

"Nop. I meant it. Yaru-Chan can get really scary at times, so I'd be careful if I were you. She IS a God of Calamity after all."

"God of Calamity?"

"The ones that Grant any wish that comes they're way."

Daisuku came back from her position in the kitchen, still wearing a white apron. When she sat down, she continued:

"Gods are born from the wishes of other people. Gods of Calamity are not very well known, and tend to be violent. They are willing to grant any wish..."

"Grant.. any wish.."

Hioko then realized something important. 
Something that now clicked in his head. 
Something that Kochiku had said himself.

"Killing both humans & regalias..."

Even as the teen walked home, he couldn't brush this off. Yaru would do anything to gain the power she desired. Could she actually be something more than just a nameless God?
Perhaps even a heartless person?

"What took you so long?"

The voice brought him back, but for some reason it didn't startle him. In fact, he was waiting for it.
Unlike other times, her voice was lacking something. Emotion perhaps.

"Kochiku-San and I were talking. Nothing much except I lost track of time."

He sounded confident, but in reality he was a nervous wreck. The young Iki had no idea what the Goddess could do to him. He was pretty sure she knew the reason either way.

Yaru walked closer to him, from her prior position behind a tree. Hioko didn't move, but he didn't approach either.

"Hioko. Do me a favor."

The boy kept his gaze on the floor, the nervousness finally showing, until he felt her hands on his. 
This was weird. 
Yaru WAS touchy-feely, but not to this extreme.

When he dared to look up, he was met with a warm feeling in his chest.

The Delivery Goddess, or God of Calamity, was hugging him.

"If something ever happens to me... go to those two. They will be able to help you. Please promise you will."

Her voice changed dramatically from cold to warm in a second. Maybe he imagined it? Either way, even if THIS Yaru wasn't the real one, he would enjoy everything he could get.

Even if it were just a fantasy.

"Ok. I promise."

They didn't say anything after that. Both content with this little they had. The blue eyed woman was trying her best not to cry, while the human boy thought something that he never noticed before.

"She smells nice..."


The scenery changes from our two lovebirds to the young lonely blond.

She decided to walk a little up ahead, claiming that Yaru would find her there. Yuki chose a small pond near the park, with little lighting to clear her head.

She grabbed another pebble and tossed it towards the small mass of water, seeing the pattern that appeared right after.

"That's why I fell for her at first sight!"

A small smile crept its way into the teens lips. Maybe, just maybe, she could open up to these people.


"Awww you have pretty eyes."

The wind stopped blowing for a moment, and suddenly the young teen blinked twice to see a boy in front of her.

She was sitting cross-legged in the shore, so the boy had his knees close to his chest at her left side.

He appeared be younger than her. Maybe.... 10? 12? Who knew. He was dressed in a white kimono with pink lasses, and a pair of sandals. What was more outstanding than anything though, was the collection of tattoos placed upon him.

All of them were regalia names. Yuki had originally thought he would be a spirit (he could see her after all) but she had never witnessed something like this before.

His short black hair and dark onyx eyes were intimidating, like if he was ready to eat her alive.

"They're like the golden fruit that stays in the old trees. They are not sweet, nor poisonous, nor of any purpose whatsoever. They can't provide anything.
People let them fall, and leave them alone. To die in the dark."

The blond girl was considering trying to run, but realized her fear had her glued to the spot.
No one would help her.

"What are you doing here Nora?"

The tension dissipated lightly but was now placed upon the new voice. Yuki was somewhat happy that Yaru came, but she still had her doubts.

The boy now known as 'Nora' simply smiled lightly at the Goddess and then stood up.

"No. Please call me by my name. I love the name you gave me, Yaru."

"W-what? He's also your regalia?"
Asked Hioko.

"Stay away from us. I mean it."

Yaru seemed extremely serious, and all what Nora did was smile. He extended his hand, and let the winds carried him away, just like they had brought him before.
Only his voice could be heard once he vanished, leaving not just a request, but a threat that would lead to something much more important.

"I'll be waiting, for you to call my name..."


Finally Damm it this took a while! XD So sorry guys, but I've been getting a little bit more busy lately so it's been taking a while to do these :p

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Also I try to add all of the ship's even if they're not my OTP'S (Yatori °_°)

Thanks a lot guys for sticking around! I love y'all so much~! Have a nice day everybody

~Alice :)

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